Privacy Policy

ABISTE CORPORATION (“Corporation”,”we”,”us”,”our”) has set the terms of use regarding the use of the online reservation system (“System”) run by the Corporation for companies, groups and individuals (“Customer”). Please be sure to read the terms below (“Terms”) before using the System.

Compliance with Basic Matters

article 1

Customers using the System will be obliged to comply with general manners, morals, and technical rules of online conduct.
Using the System for profit-making, i. e., paid reservation services, is prohibited regardless of reasons.

Measures against Violation of Basic Matters

article 2

When a Customer inconveniences or disadvantages a third party, takes an action that may disrupt the services of our hotel or hotels that use the System, or takes an action that our hotel or its affiliated hotel deems inappropriate, the use of the System and our hotel (“Hotel”) may be denied.

Effects of the User Environment

article 3

The System is available for users who have appropriate settings on their devices, such as the display language (Japanese) and email, etc. If a user does not satisfy these settings, the Corporation or the Hotel does not take any responsibility whatsoever for how the device functions, the connectivity, and these conditions’ effects. Even if the above conditions are met, when a matter regarding the setting’s environment or other factors beyond the Corporation’s or the Hotel’s management is causing troubles in the System, the Corporation or the Hotel does not take any responsibility whatsoever.

Conditions of the System User

article 4

Only Customers who have agreed to the Terms may use the System. Using the System and completing a reservation constitute an agreement to the Terms, and you are bound to comply with the Terms.When using the System, the Customer Is expected to follow the provisions set forth in the Terms.In using the System to make a reservation, the Customer is required to register her name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.The Customer agrees that there is a limit to the scope of accommodation services offered by the System and that the customer will not demand more services than the limit or demand a discount.

Services Provided by the System

article 5

On the website operated by the Company, you can make reservations on a selection of the products offered by the Hotel.

Compliance with the Rules of Use

article 6

When Guests using the System stay in the guest rooms, they are bound to comply with the “Accommodation Contract” and the “Facility Terms of Use” separately set by the Hotel.

Note on Using the System

article 7

The services offered by the System are not superior to the services provided in other means (telephone reservation, fax reservation, other hotel reservation sgencies, etc.). As a result, it may not be possible to reserve due to full occupancy or other reasons.

User’s Accountability

article 8

In using the System, the Customer assumes the responsibility for her own actions and all conducts and results made via the Customer’s Email account. Also, in using the System, except in the case of our or the Hotel’s negligence, if a Customer inflicted a damage to a third party, the Customer is responsible for resolving the dispute with the third party.If a customer took any action defined below and inflicted a damage to us, the Hotel, or the System, we and the Hotel reserves the right to demand compensations for all the damages caused by the Customer.

  • (1)Violation of theTerms of Use, our Accommodation Contract and Facility Terms of Use separately set forth by the Hotel.
  • (2)Making a false or improper application during the reservation of accommodation.
  • (3)Applying for user registration and accommodation reservation on behalf of a third party without her consent.
  • (4)Transmitting or writing a harmful program.
  • (5)When sending and writing of the same person’s information without consent of a third party.
  • (6)Other violations of law valid in Japan.

Reservation Application

article 9

Please correctly enter all necessary personal data into the reservation application form for the desired product.If the form is incomplete, that reservation may become invalid.

Completion of Reservation

article 10

The hotel reservation through the System is completed when the reservation number is displayed on the browser or when the Email notifying the final reservation details is sent, and at that time an Accomodation Contract shall be established between the accommodation facility and the user.


article 11

We will inform the applicant by the reservation confirmation Email from us about the fees for accommodation reservation established by the System. Payment is due when the customer checks in, according to the method specified by the accommodation facility.In addition to the fees notified at the time of reservation confirmation, if a separate fee associated to the accommodation occurs, it needs to be paid at the accommodation facility.

Cancellation / Change of Accommodation Reservation

article 12

When canceling or changing an accommodation reservation, please contact the accommodation facility by our online reservation System or telephone. If the Customer cancels all or part of the accommodation reservation, a penalty (cancellation fee) will be charged according to the Accommodation Contract set forth by the accommodation facility.

Change of Contents in the System

article 13

We may change the operation of the System or change the contents of the Terms without a prior notice to the Customer if we or the Hotel deems necessary. Please make sure to read the Terms whenever you use the System.After changing the contents of the Term, only the changed contents will be valid, and the contents prior to the change will be invalid.

Temporary Interruption

article 14

We may suspend the use of this system temporarily without prior notification or approval of the customer if one of the following applies:

  • When maintenance of the System is necessary.
  • When the operation of the System becomes difficult due to Type I telecommunications carrier’s suspending their telecommunication services.
  • A blackout, fire, strike, labor dispute or other industrial obstacle, natural disaster, inevitable accident, regulations, administrative guidance, administrative punishment, court order, civil war, unrest, epidemic, or other events beyond the control of us or the Hotel that hinders the operation of the System.
  • When we deem necessary to temporarily suspend the use of the System for the maintenance of the Hotel website and/or the System, etc.

Handling of Customers’ Personal Information

article 15

We will comply with the laws concerning the protection of personal information and handling of customer’s personal information according to the policy below:

Personal information is information about an individual, such as name, address, telephone number, Email address, purchase history, – information that identifies an individual, or information with that possibility. It also includes information that helps identify an individual by combinning it with other information (business sector, etc.)

About Collecting Personal Information

When browsing this site, there is no need to input or disclose any information about the Customer, so you can freely have anonymous access. However, we request to enter your name, address, telephone number, Email address, etc. at the time of member registration, reservation, inquiry, review, etc.
In that case, we gather following information by using cookies, etc.


Regarding the purpose of using such information, please refer to “Purpose of Using Personal Information,” regarding the management, “Managing Personal Information.”

Purpose of Using Personal Information

The Hotel uses personal information for the following purposes.

For easy member log-in, we use cookies to keep the log-in info. Customers are free to choose whether or not to keep the cookies.We also use cookies when necessary for the operation of the site.

Managing Prsonal Information

The Hotel manages personal information using the following code.We restrict the use of personal information only to those who are necessary for business and strictly govern the contents that include personal information. However, there are cases where part of the personal information is provided to outsourcing parties in order to carry out business such as providing products and services to customers. In that case, we supervise the subcontractor to properly handle personal information.Personal information that became obsolete will be deleted from time to time.

Disclosure of Personal Information

We will never disclose personal information to third parties unless you consent. However, this does not apply to cases below:

In addition, in conducting transactions with Customers, such as delivery of goods, if outsourcing such as a shipping company is necessary, it is not regarded as a third party.

Scope of Application

The scope of the above privacy policy is applied within this site. As a general rule, the address “”, the page containing “” for SSL connection are our site.

While treating your personal information carefully, we will continue to strive to provide you with high-quality services to satisfy our Customers. We appreciate your understanding on the handling of the Customer’s personal information at the Hotel. Thank you.